The Apollo Bay Football Netball Club is a not for profit community organisation which started in the Polwarth League in 1935 as Apollo Bay Football Club but played locally even before that. The club joined the CDFL in 1971.  The club aims to engage the community into the local football family in a safe and friendly manner.  The home ground in located at the Apollo Bay Recreation reserve - on the majestic Great Ocean Road, not many other clubs can boast such a magnificent and visible setting. 

Who and where we are

2022 Committee


Vice President:



Football Executive:

Netball Executive:




Sally Cannon

Jack James

Christine Clissold

Jane Johnston

John Lugg

Jodie Bertrand

Brendan Murnane

Kyle Briggs

Gavin Clissold

Asip Memishi

Club Theme Song

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

Oh we do like to be beside the sea

Down at the bay there is a football ground

And that is where the bay boys hang around

Lets get 3 cheers for Apollo Bay

For this year the premiers we will be

Though its not yet in the bag

We’ve got hopes of winning the flag

Beside the sea side, beside the sea

Are we good    Are we good

Are we any bloody good

Yes we are

We're the bloody best by far

What do we sleep on?    Seaweed

What do we eat?    Mussels

How do we eat them?    Alive

Did we win?    We s?*t it in